Can you help us find any of the people in this picture? ;-)

Below is a list of all the classmates we have not been able to get in touch with. Please encourage them to contact Andrea Shore at, or they can register on this site.

Help us find ALL of the class of 1987 so they can be included in future reunions!

Still Missing
As of 2015


Gary Alexander
Nick Allen
Charles Armstrong
Stephen Bauer
Matt Britton
Shelley Brown
Vincent Bynum
Huong Chau
Matthew Cohen
Malaak Compton-Rock
Kaley Creswell
Stacy Devine
David Dombrowsky
Mary Ellis
David Elmore
Shanita Evans
Dennis Fitzgerald
Rebecca Irwin
Mark James
Kaylene Kahler
Tai Khuu
Jill Kobersteen
Daniel Lee
Young Lee
Wendy Lehman
Anne Matsuura
Jennifer Neel
Mike Nester
Thuy Nguyen
Carol Olmstead
Randall Pearson
Joanna Senter
Jeff Sissler
Kristen Solomon
John Stroh
Susan Stukey
Floyd Tomlin
Tom Tuck
Stephen Veillette
Steve Williams
Luvella Wright
Ben Young